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๐”๐ฌ๐ž ๐˜๐จ๐ฎ๐ซ ๐ƒ๐๐€!

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid (donโ€™t ask me to pronounce it), is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. The primary role of DNA in the cell is the long-term storage of information. DNA is often compared to a blueprint, which is a design plan of something. DNA is distinct to each human being and is what pinpoints our differences. We hear it often said that DNA or DANA does not lie. (Chuckle) Whether you are trying to determine who you are related to or determine your makeup, who you are, it is all hard-coded in your DNA. DNA is Godโ€™s blueprint for your life, and since you are God designed, you should use your DNA for your advancement. I want to discuss with you how I believe DNA is here to help. Your DNA is the destination, navigation, and activation of your life. What do I mean?


A destination is a place to which someone or something is going or being sent. Your destination is connected to your destiny, which is the hidden power that controls what will happen in your future. I believe that there is a destiny for each of us, and what we do every day will govern how and when we arrive there. Unless you were fortunate to be raised by keenly aware parents, you often inherited pathology that influenced your choices and responses. It was how your family did things. It was not until you were exposed to knowledge that increased your awareness that you also realized there was more to life then what you experienced daily. You felt a pull on your soul that said, โ€œHere is not it.โ€ God gave you your mind and the ability to think and envision beyond the past and the present. If you look within and follow Godโ€™s prompting, you can obtain the vision and see your dreams manifest. There is a more significant destination for you, waiting on the other side of all that is convenient and familiar. God has predestined you for more, and you must get resolute about that significance and go after it.


Navigation is the process or activity of accurately ascertaining oneโ€™s position and planning and following a route. Most of us who own a smartphone or a current model car has the luxury of having a GPS system right at our fingertips. The smartphone and car, based on our current position, can plan a route to get us to our destination. Well, your personal GPS is Godโ€™s Purpose System. Your purpose is what will guide and assist in getting you to your intended destination. Knowing who you are and what you were created for is essential to you walking in your purpose. Merely observing peopleโ€™s lives and their unhealthy choices is usually an indicator that they are unclear of their calling. Knowing oneโ€™s purpose requires some prayer and the kind of self-work that causes you to peel back the layers to find out what exists inside you. You cannot practice surface living if you are going to experience an authentic spiritual existence. Surface living will cause you to look outside of yourself for validation or for someone to blame. Looking deeply inward stirs up accountability and responsibility for where you end up and when. Remember, either you choose to keep your hands on the wheel while deciding to follow Godโ€™s Purpose System or you drive around aimlessly, hoping to get to your destination. The decision is always yours to make.


Activation is the action or process of making something active, and active is engaging in physically energetic pursuits. If you are like me, there have been moments in your life that you were preparing to get something done, but you never quite moved from preparation mode. I know some very motivated, determined people that once they make up their minds, they get things done. However, I have also noticed these same people also have some kryptonite to their super person. I am trying to say that there is at least one area that causes all of us intense resistance. For example, my writing more consistently was because of othersโ€™ request for me to provide daily inspiration. Before the request, my blogs came in dribs and drabs. What I learned in the process is this; you cannot navigate toward your destination if you do not start, regardless of why you start. You have to get in the car, punch in the coordinates, and drive. You have to be active in the quest of destiny and purpose. The physical, energetic pursuit of your lifeโ€™s assignment is what makes you successful. Wealth and the accumulation of things are fleeting, but your purpose gives you the ability to recreate, refocus and rediscover who you are and what you are here to do, even when you seem lost; because we all get lost at one time or another. And although you get lost, with GPS, re-calibration is always available to get you back on course.


You will need to tap into your DNA to answer your calling. Getting clear about your destination, using the appropriate navigation, and being effective will require activation. As you move forward, think about how DNA will help you complete what you started this year. You have significant work to do, explosive impact to make, and people to positively influence. You cannot do it sitting on the side of the road, clueless. And remember, everyoneโ€™s work looks different, so donโ€™t get detoured by comparison. It is time for you to let people really see who you are because they have never seen the likes of you before, and your DNA proves it!


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