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Denise's Story


Coach, influential speaker, author, and leadership consultant Denise is a highly regarded empowerment specialist.  She has earned a reputation as a personal development expert and proficient trainer. Denise combines her wealth of leadership knowledge with the depth of her spiritual wisdom to provide substantial, sustaining, relevant, and restorative messages and coaching that encourages and empowers.


Her ability to use humor and compassion allows her to reach people where they are in the moment and start their transformation and healing process.

Pulling from her professional background in client service and management, and her leadership training she is able to bring organization and efficiency to business, ministry, and individually. Denise has a heart for the development of people especially in the areas of spiritual and emotional evolution. Years of customer service, consulting, and ministry work have equipped her with the ability to coach and mentor people forward into their purpose and destiny.


Denise has ministered to many men and women providing insight to encourage their personal transformation.


Denise has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Kean University and her Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership with a Concentration in Leadership Mentoring and Coaching from Regent University. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in Leadership Coaching. Make sure you get a copy of Denise's recently released book "DeMi Devotions," your daily dose of wisdom and inspiration!

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