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๐…๐ข๐ซ๐ฌ๐ญ-๐‚๐ฅ๐š๐ฌ๐ฌ ๐‹๐ข๐ฏ๐ข๐ง๐ !

Access to premium seating, whether in a theater or on a plane, is an exhilarating feeling. I recall flying a few years ago when I sat in preferred seating. You know the one that gives you the extra legroom. The seat I was occupying at the time happened to be directly behind โ€œfirst-class.โ€ The planeโ€™s size did not allow for a proper partition between first class and the rest of the cabin, just a mini curtain to indicate where first-class seating ends. I could almost be considered part of first-class because of how close I was, but for a few things. For starters, first-class is usually seated first. Then, before the plane even leaves the ground, the occupants are being served their beverages. By the time I received my coffee in a paper cup, first-class occupants were on their second beverage served in a glass and eating a meal served with real plates and silverware. I was given cookies with my coffee. Iโ€™m not hating. OK, I may be hating a little. (Smile) Additionally, first-class comes with someone who makes sure every need is met, even down to a hot towel served on a tray to clean and soothe the hands of those in first-class.

Retain Your Power!

How does this first-class experience translate into everyday life? The reality is most of us have settled for the coach seats in our lives, even though we have access to first-class living. What does first-class living resemble? It is when you see the manifestation of your God-authored hopes and dreams. I make this point because what God has for you is perfect for you, designed specifically for you. What we usually conjure up on our own is how we end up in lifeโ€™s coach section. Now what I am about to say, I donโ€™t write in judgment because I have done a whole lot of โ€œconjuring upโ€ in my life. Here are a few instances of conjuring. Those people who you connected to who wreaked havoc in your life, you allowed them in. Own it! That accumulation of unnecessary debt was your attempt to fill holes in your soul. Own it! That job you stay stuck in because you feel powerless to change it is your comfort-ability with convenience. Own it! You see, you cannot conquer what you wonโ€™t confront. Also, you give your power away when you place the blame of your circumstances on others. I want you to realize, although these points are about your conjuring, you can upgrade your living. The question is, how.

Checking In

When I originally bought my ticket, I was in the coach section, but the airline gave me the opportunity to upgrade to their preferred seating when I checked in. Since my flight would be longer than usual, because I am tall and feeling the effects of age (side-eye), I upgraded my seat. Letโ€™s review this process. I checked in. When is the last time you thoroughly โ€œchecked inโ€ to your life? This is the activity of evaluation and reflection. To evaluate is to review oneโ€™s life and determine where and what changes are necessary. To have to make changes is not an indicator of failure but evolution. It is your evolving, through a series of circumstances to arrive at Godโ€™s designated place for you. The place is not necessarily a physical location, but the mindset of knowing who you are and what you are created for and walking in it. To reflect is your examining your choices and responses to determine if they align with who you are trying to be. Without reflection, you will continue on the same path, unaware of your need or ability to change where you sit, metaphorically speaking.

No More Autopilot

The next thing to consider is opportunity. How many missed opportunities have you had in your life? If you are like me, there have been many. If you have been living on autopilot, your auto-responses have kept you seated in the coach section of life because something or someone placed you there. The problem with autopilot living is you never question otherโ€™s choices for you. Even when the choices of others donโ€™t take into consideration who you are and what you require. The system assigning my seating did not know I was tall or struggled with pain in my leg. It just gave me the seat I was willing to purchase. What are you willing to pay to move your life to first-class? If I were to be very transparent, even though I was prompted to, I didnโ€™t even check to see how much it would be for a first-class seat. I just assumed it was not available to me. Lessen, I canโ€™t expect others to do for me what I wonโ€™t do for myself. Ouch!

Count Up The Cost!

What does knowing the price of something achieve? It first helps you to count up the cost. What will this cost me in the end, and what will be the outcome? It also causes you to focus your energy and resources in the direction of the outcome you desire. Your job is to make sure what you are focusing on are those God authored hopes and dreams I talked about earlier. Godโ€™s itinerary for you is more than you could ever imagine. He gets no glory for you, settling for coach living when you have access to first-class living. When checking in for my flight on my way back, I intended to look at the first-class cost. After checking, I found it was not in the budget for my trip home, but I refused to allow the computer to decide for me. In checking, either one of two things would happen. I would be in front of the first-class curtain drinking from a glass or behind the curtain sipping my coffee from a paper cup, plotting on my next opportunity to upgrade to the next level of premium seating. Remember that where you sit and how you live will be a culmination of your decisions and a factor of your perceptions.

Nothing Beats a Try!

When I did fly home from this trip, I was on a different airline, and when I checked in, I looked at my seating โ€œopportunities.โ€ There was no first-class section on the flight, but there were premium seats. Guess where yours truly was seated? Seat 1A - the very first seat on the plane. I canโ€™t talk about what I am unwilling to practice and demonstrate to others. And prayerfully, you will no longer settle, but work to be intentional about the level of life you live.



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