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It's Second Quarter

A Season of Renewed Purpose and Dependence on God

As I reflect on the journey so far this year, I find myself stepping into the second quarter with a renewed sense of purpose. The initial burst of energy and enthusiasm at the year's start might have waned somewhat, but this new quarter is a reminder that the game is far from over. It's a time to reassess, realign, and recommit to the goals and intentions I set out with at the beginning of the year. Here, I delve into the practices and mindsets that are guiding me through this period, anchored in discipline, informed decisions, determination, daring greatness, and an unshakeable reliance on God.

Practicing Discipline

Discipline is often misunderstood. It's not just about adhering to a strict routine or punishing oneself for not meeting goals. To me, discipline means creating a framework within which freedom and growth can occur. It's about setting boundaries for myself that enable rather than restrict. This quarter, I'm embracing discipline by setting aside specific times for reflection and planning each week. These moments are sacred—they're when I tune out the noise and focus on what truly matters to me. Discipline in this season means being consistent in my daily habits, which contribute to my larger goals. Whether it's my morning prayer, dedicated reading time, or consistent engagement with my work, each disciplined step is a brick in the foundation of my year.

Making Informed Decisions

The choices we make shape our paths, and informed decisions are the tools through which we navigate life wisely. This quarter, I am committing to making decisions based on both knowledge and intuition. I am learning to gather as much information as possible, to seek advice from those I respect, and to marry this with a deep trust in my own instincts. These decisions are not just about immediate outcomes but are steps in fulfilling God's purpose for my life. Each choice is a reflection of my values and my mission, and I aim to approach them with clarity and faith.

Even More Determined

If the first quarter taught me anything, it's that determination is the fuel that keeps the engine of my goals running. Now, as I step further into the year, my resolve is only strengthened. The challenges and successes of the past months have shown me that with God's help, I can overcome and thrive. This determination is not born from mere human ambition but from a divine drive that pushes me to fulfill my God-given potential. I am even more determined now to pursue excellence, not just in achieving goals but in living a life that reflects God's love and grace.

Daring to be Great

Inspired by Brene Brown's call to courage, I am learning to dare greatly. This concept challenges me to step beyond my comfort zone and embrace vulnerability as a strength. Daring to be great means being honest about my fears and uncertainties while still moving forward. It involves sharing my true self with the world, making contributions that are heartfelt, and engaging with life authentically. This daring is not just about personal achievement but about making a difference in the lives of others and serving as a leader who empowers and uplifts.

Depending on God

Above all, this quarter is a renewed commitment to depend entirely on God. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day execution of tasks and goals, but I am reminded that without God, these are futile. My daily practice involves surrendering my plans and aspirations to God and seeking His guidance at every step. (Psalm 73:23) This dependency is my strength, not my weakness. It is in the quiet moments of prayer and meditation that I find the wisdom and power to continue. God's plan for my life is not always clear, but my trust in His vision is unwavering. Depending on God means recognizing that I am not alone in this journey and every step I take is part of a more remarkable divine tapestry.

As I move through this second quarter, I am filled with gratitude and anticipation. The path ahead is not merely a continuation but an elevation. With disciplined action, informed choices, unwavering determination, a daring heart, and a dependency on God, I am not just going through the year—I am growing through it. Each day is an opportunity to live more deeply, to serve more passionately, and to fulfill the incredible purpose for which I was created. This season is one of both action and reflection, a time to push forward and to pause, knowing that through it all, God is with me, guiding each step of my incredible journey.

Coach Dee

Transformative Journaling

Here are three journal prompts that can help guide your reflection and growth:

  1. Reflection on Discipline: Think about an area of your life where you've been particularly disciplined. How has this discipline helped you grow? Conversely, identify an area where you could improve your discipline. What specific actions can you take this week to enhance your discipline in that area?

  2. Evaluating Decisions: Reflect on a significant decision you made recently. What information did you consider before making this decision? How did you balance logic with intuition in your decision-making process? Looking back, how has this decision impacted your life and aligned with God's purpose for you?

  3. Courage to Dare Greatly: What does 'daring greatly' mean to you in the context of your current life circumstances? Write about a situation where you showed courage and stepped out of your comfort zone. How did it feel, and what did you learn about yourself? What is one way you can "dare greatly" in the upcoming month to move closer to your personal or professional goals?


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